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Transpac “Fever”

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015

Aloha Celerity!

Another Transpac has come and gone….it will remain in the spirits of those who participated in the race, volunteered, or had it touch them in some way; if they are a sailor or water-lover of life here in these islands.

For those of you who aren’t sailors, here is a brief history of Transpac, which is the longest running sailboat race in the world. The former King David Kalakaua, of the Hawaiian monarchy, had conceived of the idea of a sailboat race to the islands. Sadly, the king passed away before the race ever became a reality but the idea had inspired some local sailors, who kept the idea alive. It wasn’t until, 1906 when the first race actually occurred. It starts near Long Beach, CA with the finish off the Diamond Head lighthouse & buoy; establishing a distance of 2,225 nautical miles; being held in odd numbered years.

This Transpac, I only had the opportunity to greet a  finishing boat once, due to work obligations. That was on Friday morning the 24th of July.

The morning of the 24th was a gorgeous Hawaiian day, plus it was Aloha Friday.  The Santa Cruz 37, “Celerity”, had come in 1st in Division 7 & 1st overall.  Way to go, Celerity!  It was time to get to the harbor to greet her and her crew. I had been following the race via the “Yellow Brick Road” app on my iPad (thank you Roy Disney and friends) and I could see “Celerity” was due in anytime at the Diamond Head buoy. It was just after 4:30 AM (normally I’m not awake this early but an escrow needed some serious attention too).  I packed up my backpack and off I went to Hawaii Yacht Club, where the welcoming party was awaiting her arrival.

Skipper/Owner Harry Zanville (center)

I arrived after “Celerity” had already pulled up to the Aloha Dock at HYC.  The festivities were in full swing. The camera crew from KHON-TV was on the scene, the families of the crew members were too, and an assorted group of sailors from Waikiki Yacht Club and Hawaii Yacht club as well. Of course, the committee people from Transpac Yacht Club wouldn’t miss this arrival either. We were all on hand to do what we do when a boat finishes Transpac—share the Aloha Spirit. What a great way to start Aloha Friday!

Female Crewmember

I feel why Transpac is such a special race, to the racers and us local sailors, is best summed up in the words of the winning Skipper/Owner—Harry Zanville, “I don’t race my boat on the mainland, I only race it here to Hawaii”. Needless to say, his excitement at their accomplishment was infectious. The crew’s camaraderie and sheer joy, at having achieved such a milestone was evident.

I think that sums it up for us local sailors here too. Why we get “Transpac Fever” as it is called, because we want to share the Aloha Spirit when they arrive. At whatever time they arrive, day or night. Anyone who has ever sailed past Diamond Head, seen that beautiful lighthouse, then crossed the Diamond Head buoy, into the blue waters off Waikiki. We become fast friends in the Spirit of Aloha and Transpac.


Ala Wai Harbor & Diamond Head

As the words to a very well known local song go, “Home in the islands…in the middle of the sea.” Pollyroger, signing off for now.

Transpac Life

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Where to begin?  What an amazing week of excitement in these islands for the sailing and boating community.  It all began on Friday the 15th(just one short week ago) with the first boat to finish, Bella Mente in the wee morning hours while it was still dark out.  She was then followed by Magnitude 80 in the beautiful morning sunshine you see here from the view by Diamond Head Lighthouse.  What a fantastic start to a wonderful week!

Magnitude 80 arriving Hawaii

The boats all began arriving in a pack over the next 48-72 hours.  Something like 40 vessels finished within 24 hours. Talk about some high energy at the harbor front down at the Ala Wai… 

Communications, pier operations, escort vessels–you name it everything was in full swing.  Maitais were waiting for each and every boat as they arrived into their designated dock, regardless if it was 2 p.m. or 2 a.m, that is the aloha spirit the vessels look forward to meeting them on their arrival.  The folks from all the various yacht clubs on all the different committees were pitching in to make this one huge welcome party, as the tradition has been for over a 100 years. 

Pollyroger was in her most favorite mode of all—FUN!! =)

And so we write this with our regular Friday night races going tonight, while all the crews from all the different vessels that made the passage to our island paradise; gather down at the Waikiki Shell for their awards ceremony.  Tonight WYC & HYC will both be brimming with friends new and old, celebrating one more time before the visiting crews head on back to the mainland.

We wanted to share this video with you Polly Pal’s, of the wonderful folks that make it all happen, right here each and every Transpac year, the volunteers…

Mahalo nui loa!  Ahoy & aloha…….

Transpac 2011 heading to Hawaii!!

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

Pollyroger has not forgotten you folks, she’s been pretty busy taking care of a lot of important matters—but one very important one is about to happen…TRANSPAC.

Pals near and far, the longest running sailboat race on the planet is heading back to Hawaii for its 46th biennial race!  What began as an invitation from King David Kalakaua, to celebrate his 50th birthday in 1886, finally started in 1906 from Los Angeles to Honolulu.  It’s been running biennially with a few exceptions since the start of this fantastic tradition.

The harbor front is starting to buzz in anticipation of the racers heading to our islands.  The vessels are more than midway here now and the celebrations are going to be under way soon enough.  Here is a link to the official website so you can have a look at their progress:  There are such a wide variety of committees that it takes to make this event a success, from communications, to escort boats, to the ship stores, each yacht club on island, you name it; everyone that loves sailing wants to help out.

Diamond Head Lighthouse

Pollyroger has chosen to volunteer where she loves best at the Diamond Head Lighthouse Finish Line Committee.  It’s a pretty exciting job, since you are the person actually calling the vessels finish, along with the timer who records the exact second you call out “MARK”!!  One Transpac year she had the good fortune of calling the finish for three vessels within fifteen minutes of each other.  Talk about fun… =) This year’s watch is on a full moon—good timing!  Here she is with her watch partner, Lita Shelton at the lighthouse.  Note the “pvc-style scope” for the finish.  Believe me, that baby is accurate.

Finish Line

Lita & Pollyroger

Pollyroger also had the good fortune to go out on an inaugural sail/ride with Lyle Holden’s new vessel “Loco Moco”, last Friday night for the beer can races.  She made wonderful new friends that evening as you can see here from these photos.  Well pals as we say in the islands, “A hui ho!”… (until we meet again) 

There will be many more posts coming sooner than later with the fantastic fleet of boats sailing their way to the place we call home here in these islands–Hawaii.

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