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Polly Personification

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Well my friends, near and far—it’s been quite some time since our last writing.  Pollyroger needed to take a breather from her world-wind year of travels to be honest.  She’s now rested and ready to go out meet some new folks once again.  Since that is what Pollyroger thrives on is friendships… =)

Her “mom” got the opportunity to dress as a pirate for her company’s annual awards banquet a couple of weeks ago.  The event was held at the Halekulani Hotel (the only remaining 5 star property on Oahu) from 10:30 am to 2:30 pm.  The invitation read “Attire- Pirate Bling”…oh if they only knew!!  So in broad daylight we invitees go strolling in our pirate bling costumes—what a hoot!  Talk about some looks from the hotel’s guests….

Polly Personified

The event was first class and FUN!!   Did we ever pick the right company to go to work for or what?!

But the fun didn’t end there, when “Polly” is getting out of her car in the parking garage where she lives, along comes a man and his little 3 or 4 year old daughter, just as Polly is getting out of the car.  “Arrghh, little girl” she says, “Would you like some goodies from me booty bag?!”  The little girl stares at her with eyes wide open in fear, Polly pulls a chocolate gold coin from her booty bag and hands it to the little girl.  The father asks, “Is that chocolate?”  “Arrgghh, yes it be!” Polly replies.  The little girl lights up with a grin from ear to ear as we step into the elevator together…she believes she’s met a real live pirate woman!! =)

Got FUN?!  You betcha….

Pirate Pillage

Pollyroger’s Planetary Pursuits….

Thursday, September 16th, 2010

Pals what can we say other than it’s been quite a busy summer and past couple of months since our last post.  But fear not, Pollyroger has been making pals in some amazing planetary places! =)  So we will bring you up to speed, so to speak, of some of her planetary adventures, places she’s been spotted, and fun she’s been having.

She was last written of while in Europe in Vienna, Austria with pals Kathi & Conny.  Well she made a few more stops while in this fantastic continent, starting with her pal Gitte in Prague!

Gitte & Pollyroger in Prague

Astronomical Clock & Pollyroger


















 But Pollyroger’s Eastern European time was not over there.  She went on to the fantastic city of Berlin, Germany where she took it all in with a panaroma view at sunset (her favorite time of day) from the TV Tower building in Alexanderplatz.  Here is Berlin with the lovely river Spree running through it’s amazing city and Pollyroger taking it all in…










From Berlin she headed up as far north as this sun loving spirit would venture to Scandanavia, where she set sail on yet another body of water, The Baltic Sea!

Ahh, but dear pals, she had something ahead even more amazing in store…a wonder of the world–The Taj Mahal.  Unfortunately upon arrival to said palace she was not permitted to enter the grounds.  Why you ask?  Was there fear of espionage? Fear of a pirate?  Fear not–Pollyroger persevered… =)

Taj Mahal at a side glance...with Polly pride!

 So you ask, “a wonder of the world, great cities of Europe, another sea set sail upon, what more???”  Pollyroger being the adventurous spirit she is knew she was heading to the highest mountains in the world, the Himalayas of Nepal.  So what does she decide to do?  She goes paragliding off of a mountainside in Pokhara, Nepal!!  You can see the city in the distance with Lake Fewa below.

Paragliding Pollyroger

Got FUN?!

Hell yeah…….

Paraty Pirate Polly

Sunday, March 28th, 2010

Polly has been having quite the adventure in Brazil.  She has found waters and vessels, islands and waterfalls to play in, not wanting to leave this country for many reasons but knows that there are even more wonderful adventures ahead.  She has been enchanted, with this country on many levels, that she was uncertain about.  It just goes to show that you never know what lies ahead on the road of adventure and possiblities…

Here she is posing with a pirate pal she found in the town of Paraty, Brazil.  It is a little colonial town on the water’s edge with gorgeous islands scattered around it’s bay that you can go to by the vessel of your choice.  Of course her first choice was via sailboat and she was not disappointed.Paraty Pirate Polly

Her next outing was to explore the mountain streams that feed into the bay of Paraty with gorgeous waterfalls that once were along the “Gold Trail” to Minas Gerais.  The town of Paraty was such an important port of exporting the gold that many forts were built to protect her from these said pirate-types.  The canons still line the little harbor in this town.  But the boom time was short for Paraty with the construction of a road directly to the mines and her port lost it’s importance…

But the Portuguese people who settled this area remained and with them their wonderful heritage, their lust for life, and their love of the sea  among many more things to give this beautiful little town a special place in Brazil’s history.

So today is Polly’s last day in Paraty.  She’s explored the islands on a schooner, a sailboat and finally she must say her farewells.  She knows there is still so much more to discover here but onward she shall go.  What lies ahead on the path?  Let’s see where the road she takes will lead her next…

Sailboat day







Another type of Brazilian vessel (2)

Polly Sails on into 2010!

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010
Polly is definitely beginning to make her way around the planet!  Polly is now proudly flying on the vessel that traverses the Andean lakes each day from Chile to Argentina (weather permitting).   She was introduced to the captain of the vessel, Captain Salim and crew.  They were pleased to know she sails in the Argentine Lake District as well on Lago Argentino next to the Perito Moreno Glacier.  The captain assured us Pollyroger will be proudly sailing on Lagos Todos Los Santos in Chile as well!
Captain Salim & Pollyroger

Captain Salim & Pollyroger

Crew & Captain

Crew & Captain

She was recently asked what her goal was regarding her planetary pursuits and it gave her some pause…  After some reflecting on the question and it’s ultimate meaning to her and her pursuit of friends, FUN, and time spent on the water.   She decided sailing on vessels that encompass the seven seas (or lakes as in this post) would be a good one, but also the traveler in her knows it would take time to see all the amazing beauty in the world in that manner.   So again, it’s the pals she makes along the way who will carry her forward to her planetary destinations. 

So in honor of those wonderful people she met last year here is her first  feature presentation.

(click on the link and you should see the video)  Play on Pals!!

Polly’s First Year in Pictures


Vessel on Lago Todos los Santos

Vessel on Lago Todos los Santos

Pal Dana

Pal Dana

Polly’s Popping up all Over the Planet!

Thursday, November 19th, 2009

Polly Pals we have news from various corners of the planet.  While Polly’s “mom” has been playing in points south, Polly has been playing in Paris, Austria, and well Panama too … =)  Take a look and see Polly’s “Aunt Britta” here in Paris.  She finally has made it to see the Eiffel Tower!

Eiffel Tower Polly

Eiffel Tower Polly




 Polly also has wandered along those famous Parisian bridges, most notably the Pont Neuf.  Her Aunt Britta is seen here proudly posing with her–”Merci Mon Ami!”










 And then Polly made it to the Austrian border with another Polly Pal, Raini along with Aunt Britta…go Polly Pals! =)

Border Patrol Polly

Border Patrol Polly







Stay tuned Pals more Polly Pics coming very SOON!!!!!

June brought Fire & Ice!

Saturday, July 18th, 2009
Summer Solstice 3

Summer Solstice 3

Summer Solstice 2
Summer Solstice 2







Well my pals, a month of contrasts & extremes. A summer solstice sunset, a vast frozen Alaska wilderness, and sweet little keikis (children) with names so beautiful in Hawaiian that translate to “The Fire” Keahi, “The Rain” Kawai, and “The Rising Tide” Kai’ea… Enjoy!!

Polly playing in the Alaska snow!

Polly playing in the Alaska snow!

Polly at the Salty Dawg Saloon

Polly at the Salty Dawg Saloon

Polly in Denali

Polly in Denali

Polly's Pals, Kai'ea, Kawai, & PK or Paul Keahi!

Polly's Pals, Kai'ea, Kawai, & PK/Paul Keahi!

Polly in Patagonia & Argentina!! =)

Sunday, December 21st, 2008

Polly made some wonderful pals playing in Patagonia and all around Argentina…from the funny and sweet Josefina in Palermo, to the wonderful Herminia on the road on Route 40 (aka Motorcycle Diaries trek) to Fernando (best guide you could wish for) & Roberto (sailor extrodinare!) in Bariloche, to Leonardo and the crew on Lago Argentino with the awesome Perito Moreno Glacier! There are more names to share but just not enough room for them all in this little box…Argentina touched Polly’s soul for certain. Enjoy this collage of the friends and FUN had along the way!!

Polly arrives in Buenos Aires & finds the YCA (Yacht Club Argentino) & more!Polly playing on Perito Moreno Glacier, awesome trekking guides and the excellent crew with Leonardo on Lago Argentina.Polly on Route 40, trekking north from El Calefate to Bariloche. Pals Kristen and the wonderful Herminia...a true amiga.Amazing Iguazu Falls & the lovely Daisy & Josefina in Palermo, Buenos AiresBariloche Pals & Bariloche friends, Fernando & Mariana and Roberto & AliciaMore Polly Pals & where to next?!

Polly Playing across the U.S.A… =)

Wednesday, October 1st, 2008

Polly had great fun meeting new friends in some familiar and some unfamiliar places…see where this last trip took Polly. Some new Polly Pal’s were made for sure!! And some new adventures on vessels not just of the “sailing nature” that provided plenty of smiles all around.

A Polly’s Pop writes us…

Thursday, June 12th, 2008

Comments: Aloha Pollys!

This is from Polly’s Pop! aka, Cate’s dad, who is by the way a Pensacola Polly’s Pop…whose last boat, a Catalina 27, succombed to the ravages of Hurrican Ivan, and has never been found. Presumably Pensacola Polly’s Pop’s precious plaything was deep-sixed by a thirty foot tidal wave that came ashore right where she was anchored.

I am stuned that Cate hasn’t posted one of our family fun travel spots on Polly’s playground…an awesome sail down and back up the coast of Florida and several weeks of joyous live-aboard experience in Key West. And too…Cate’s so adventurous she’s played in places like Tonga, the Marshall Islands, and Palau… so please party on Polly and ply your pals with plenty of powerful punch…like Mai Tais!

Mahalo for indulging this poet wannabe on your PollyRoger website!

Keoki…aka, George

Full Moon Sailing with Plenty Pollys!

Wednesday, May 28th, 2008

Polly’s spirit came to life on a full moon sail not that long ago. Here is a great shot of some wonderful women (wahine) sailors going out for a full moon sail off of Waikiki last week.

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