From Duke’s on Sunday; to Duke’s 121st Birthday; to Duke’s on Sunday…. =)

Written by Polly on August 29th, 2011

Aloha amigos—my last writing was of a man known for his “Aloha Spirit” Henry Kapono who has been performing music in the islands since the early 70’s.  This post brings us full circle with the Oceanfest Celebrations we had this past week, celebrating our first Ambassador of Aloha, Olympic medalist, Duke Kahanamoku.  He would have celebrated his 121st birthday last Wednesday, the 24th of August.

Duke's Ohana (Family)

Our mayor, Peter Carlisle went out surfing in Duke’s honor on Wednesday along with the Australian mayor, Michael Regan, of Warringah, which is across the harbor from Sydney.  Duke Kahanamoku first introduced surfing to Australia in this little town at Freshwater Beach, back in 1915.   As serendipity would have it I arrived on the beach just as they finished their “Goodwill Surf Session”….

Afterwards there was a lei draping ceremony at Duke’s statue on the beach in Waikiki which I put into a little video here for you to enjoy.  But the fun didn’t end there, since the weekend had everything from house blessings for friends in their new home, to a birthday celebration, to a fantastic brunch off Diamond Head on Sunday and where did we all wind up at?  Duke’s Restaurant of course!  With Mr. Henry Kapono bringing his aloha to the end of another wonderful Hawaiian weekend.  Here’s a link to the video with Henry playing some new music, a song entitled quite appropriately “Across the Sea”.

I know there are friends in some 26 countries around the world now checking in on Polly’s Pals postings.  I want to know if you’ve heard any of Henry Kapono’s music beyond what I’ve shared so far.  If so what is your favorite song?

In the meantime…ahoy & aloha!

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  1. Rich Bridges says:

    I have never heard any of Henry’s music before but I love his voice!! Great music too! I also love Duke’s, had a blast there when I spent a week in Hawaii in the late 90′s! :-)

  2. sascha says:

    like you webside

    • Polly says:

      Thanks so much, Saschas! I’m so sorry I didn’t see your message all this time. Not like me (honestly I’d put Polly down for a good, long, needed rest)! She’s ready to play again though…so stay tuned!!

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