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Pollyroger.com is dedicated to bringing together friends around the planet who share the same spirit of adventure, fun, travel, music and a love of sailing or time spent on the water that Pollyroger does.  It is a community of like-minded individuals who choose to focus on the goodness & fun that surrounds us each and every day.  It is out there if you look for it or think of your experiences from that perspective.

Pollyroger is making friends around the world.  She went to 22 countries in 2010; sailed on 6 of the 7 seas!!  Visit her blogspot for the latest photos and posts at the link on the left: "Polly's Pals".  She's had some amazing adventures of her own, but she wants to hear from pals around the planet too! 

Show us your “Polly Pirate Pride” via your Pollyroger Pirate flag or Pollyroger bumper sticker and become a “Polly’s Pal”! Email us your Pollyroger photos playing around the planet and we’ll post the winning photos each month.  As the saying goes, “Membership has its privileges”…

Her philosophy is pretty easy to grasp--"Living simply while seeking the sunny side of the road"  Got FUN?! =)

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